Acción 8
  • Title: Acción 8
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:08:05
  • Language: Spanish
  • Location: La Paz, Bolivia
  • Type-Format: performance, demonstration
  • Cast: Norma Merlo, performer.
  • Credits: Mujeres Creando, creator; Mujeres Creando, director; Patricia Rozeman, designer; Rafael Venegas, videographer.

Acción 8

This is a video documentation of an ‘acción’ performed in a public square in La Paz, Bolivia. Working with the universally consumed product from the Andes, a group of women peel potatoes, while they talk about their desire for equal opportunity of work for women and men, and better conditions for jobs that could also feed their dreams and hopes. In this acción, Mujeres Creando worked in collaboration with a group of men, who start washing clothes and peeling potatoes side by side with women. Finally, all together create the word ‘felicidad’ (‘happiness’) with potatoes painted in red, ending the acción with a product of a collaborative effort.


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