Keynote Lecture with Professor Ariel Speedwagon




The Hemispheric Institute's affiliated emerging artist, Pofessor Ariel Speedwagon, delivers a Keynote Lecture on the uses and abuses of the word "NO."


Ariel Speedwagon’s work has been seen extensively on Broadway, Lafayette, Fulton, Chrystie, Avenue A, Leonard, and many other fine streets and avenues throughout New York City. Trained as a modern dancer, Ariel’s inherently interdisciplinary work has taken many forms — interactive sculpture, modern dance and dance theater, drag performance and burlesque, collective mapmaking, clowning, and video art. Most interested in the intersections of storytelling, participatory environments, magic, and democratizing knowledge, Ariel has tap danced about limericks, lectured about unicorns, made slapstick about apartheid, and built telephones that tell secrets. For video and upcoming events: