M. Angustias Bertomeu Martínez & Cristina Llorens Gisbert


e-virgins is composed of two digital projections, which work on the reconstruction of the Eve archetype: The European Eve is de-sacralized in the activities of her daily life. The indigenous elderly woman knit the quilts that are the peoples' encyclopedias.  Threads and tints, their history's codes, their software. Textile mills and distaffs, the traditional medium, the hardware.  Bows and dots, the alphabet of their language, the pixels. Religiosity, invoked in litanies, the wetware. 


María Angustias Bertomeu Martínez is an artists who uses the internet as a space of integral activism. Referencing cyber poetics and cyverfeminism, M. Angustias makes an interconnection between different identitites, drawing from diverse disciplines such as poetry, painting, photography, software, ad multimedia platforms.

Cristina Llorens Gisbert has a Chemistry degree and specializes in electrochemistry and quantum physics. She studies the back and forth of electons between atoms when they are in the proximity of a drop of mercury, and the subatomic world where events can simultaneously be and not be, where the distances between Art and Science shrink.  From there she transposes her work to software, always searching for the inner meaning of reality.  She is currenlty working at and as a member of the development and tech support team.