Basurerum Progressio

Basurerum Progressio

Gabriel Suárez-Castro and Felipe Vanegas

His Most Excellent Excellency, Reverend Ron Antonio de Jesús Casafuz Torres de Restrepo y Zea, is determined to make poetry out of his life instead of allowing himself to become just another cog in the locomotive.  Amidst the clacking of a heavy train of cubic aggressiveness and apocalyptic colors that descend, incessantly, toward the abyss, the sovereign of the Super Independent Republic of the Garbage Dump, Casafuz, has rebelled on one side of the tracks. Contemplative as always, observing the back-and-forth of global uncertainty, his Excellency continues to ask (among other things): How many of the objects on my head do you need in order to live?


Gabriel Suárez-Castro is a political scientist, social researcher, audiovisual producer, and documentary filmmaker from Colombia.

Felipe Vanegas is a computer animator with experience in editing and post-production. He is currently working on the pre-production of a new documentary with his company, Colombia en Persona.

Background Information
  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Running Time: 26 minutes
  • Release Date: 2007
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