Comadre Araña: Live in Concert


Photo/foto: Julio Pantoja

Comadre Araña in Concert

In Comadre Araña, the traditional music of Colombia's Pacific region meets jazz, rock, pop and electronic music. Three female voices intermingle with the rhythm of the bombo, marimba, cununo and guasá, along with electronic instruments, the Indian sitar, the tiple guitar of the Colombian Andes, loops, samplers and all the resources of live electronic music.


Juan Sebastián Monsalve (Director and bass player)
Juanita Delgado (voice)
Verónica Atehortúa (voice)
Urpi Barco Quintana (voice)
Andrés Felipe Salazas (drums and percussion)
Rocío Medina (marimba de chonta and percussion)
Edwin Ospina (electric guitar, percussion)
Camilo Velásquez (tiple guitar, electronic programming and guitar)

Background Information
Edited Clip & Full Performance Video edited by Gray Wetzler