Teatro La Candelaria: In a Personal Capacity


Photo/Foto: Julio Pantoja

In a Personal Capacity

In a Personal Capacity is an experimental work that explores, through the collective efforts of its members, the field of information and communications in our contemporary world.


Teatro La Candelaria was founded in 1966 by a group of independent artists and intellectuals who came from experimental theater and the broader Colombian cultural movement. Directed by Santiago García, La Candelaria has become one of Colombia's most innovative theater companies, modernizing national drama while addressing popular audiences. Through an ongoing exploration of national folklore, situations and characters, they have created some of Colombia's most compelling plays, some of them through the method of "creación colectiva" (collective creation), addressing the acute social and political problems of their society. They also fostered the creation of the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro and have developed a number of theoretical reflections on the methods and languages of dramatic creation. To this day, La Candelaria remains committed to its repertoire and experimental approach, which the group regards as fundamental elements of artistic creation.

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