Danza Común: Dead Fields


Photo/foto: Cristhian Ávila

Dead Fields

This piece bears witness to Colombia's recent tragic history. In two scenes, the choreographers capture two ways of perceiving the war. The piece registers in its very structure the fragility and strength of human nature in the face of prejudice, displacement, and forced silence.


Danza Común is a contemporary dance company, founded in 1992, currently directed by Bellaluz Gutiérrez and Sofía Mejía. The group has its own center in Bogotá and carries out projects involving dance training, creation, and research, and the ways in which dance relates to other disciplines.

Performers: Sofía Mejía, Rodrigo Estrada, Laura Franco, Sandra Gómez, Bellaluz Gutiérrez, Andrés Lagos, Juan Mosquera, Juliana Rodríguez.

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