Micha Cárdenas: We Already Know and We Don't Yet Know

fp_ui_mcardenas_alreadyknow_enc13_0005_570pxPhoto/Foto: Fran Pollitt

We Already Know and We Don't Yet Know

The Autonets workshop participants will develop a performance piece based on the concerns and desires of the group to be performed in public space. In previous iterations, these have addressed issues of resistance and protection, resistance to violence both structural and state, protection from violence using community based methods.

Micha Cárdenas is an artist/theorist who works in social practice, wearable electronics and intersectional analysis. she is a PhD student in Media Arts and Practice at University of Southern California and a member of electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0. Her book The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities was published in 2012.


Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): Praça Roosevelt and other city streets
  • Date: January 18, 2013
  • Country: United States
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