Politics in and as Visual Culture

Convener: Nicholas Mirzoeff
Conceived by: Nicholas Mirzoeff & Carmen Oquendo-Villar

In 2011, we have seen the reemergence of the “people” as a political actor, from Mexico’s Peace Caravan to student activism in Europe and above all the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. The “square” has become a new form of communal interaction from Cairo to Madrid and Madison. In this new context, the work of visual culture is to define, enable and perform this doubled right to look and right to be seen. Our task will be to engage with the possibility that there might again be a politics and to consider what our responses should be—and then put them to work.


Nicholas Mirzoeff is Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU and author of many books in the field. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, Social Text and Photography and Culture and is Deputy-Director of the International Association of Visual Culture, coPI for the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture and co-ordinating editor at Media Commons.


Nathalie Casemajor
Jill Casid
Heather Davis
Kerry Doyle
Laura G. Gutierrez
Cristina Alejandra
Jiménez Gómez
Lilia Perez Limon
Paula Siganevich
Etienne Turbin
A. Joan Saab