Grethell Rasúa: Cuánto encontramos para vencer

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photo/foto: Laura Bluher

Cuánto encontramos para vencer

Making our own path with our own inner light is the only way to get joyful results. In order to represent this state of being, she performs the image titled “Cuánto encontró para vencer” by Cuban artist Marta María Pérez Bravo. This performance is a magical coexistence of religious and artistic universes.


Grethell Rasúa (Havana, 1983) is an artist who graduated from the Cátedra de Arte de Conducta (Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba). Rasúa’s main artistic strategy is to insert herself in different social environments to interact, without previously chosen mediators, with its inhabitants.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Phi Centre
  • Date: June 24, 2014
Grethell Rasúa: Cuánto encontramos para vencer Edited by Victor Bautista
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