Rodrigo Tisi: Estaciones del Errante

enc02_rodrigo_lgPhoto/ Foto: Marlène Ramírez Cancio

Estaciones del Errante

Errant Seasons presents both an individual architecture and one of the collective, one at the level of the monument which  that stands out to the individuals who (re)present "history" of a town, and the other, at the pedestrian level and therefore within reach of everyone. The thesis proposes a projective model presenting a characteristic  collective space where the ordinary public and the city can interact collectively and give "presence" to the issues that interest and represent a nation. The model of the thesis proposes the  look and question the case of Latin America and its identity, particularly in relation to "capital model" of Santiago, which has clearly been influenced by external models driven by a capitalist world today tends to be global.


Rodrigo Tisi is a certified architect at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, where he received his Masters with the highest honors in Architecture. Today he is PhD candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University. Tisi has received various awards including the CONICYT scholarship (National Commission for Science and Technology Research in Chile), a recognition award at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a Goddard Scholarship at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Tisi's academic experience includes being Professor Instructor at the undergraduate and graduate schools School Pnotificia Arquiterctura the Catholic University of Chile. He has been a guest professor at the School of Architecture at the Universidad Santa Maria in Valparaiso, Chile and Parsons School of Design, New York City.