Interview with Denise Stoklos (2002)

Interview with Denise Stoklos, conducted by Eleonora Fabião during the 3rd Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, celebrated in July of 2002 in Lima, Peru under the title Globalization, Migration and the Public Sphere.


Denise Stoklos is a Brazilian playwright, director and actress, who has, over the past thirty years, created a body of theatrical works called Essential Theatre which deals with the energy of body, voice, and intuition under a mind of historical reference: Mary Stuart (1987), Un-Medea (1989), Casa (1990), 500 YearsA Fax from Denise Stoklos to Christopher Columbus (1992), Civil Disobedience (1997), and I Do, I Undo, I Redo: Lousie Bourgeoise (2000) among others. Each is a solo play, performed in repertoire in different idioms. Stoklos has won a number of prestigious national and international awards, including many for best actress in Brazil and a Guggenheim in the U.S. She performs in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, Ukrainian, among others. She has presented her work in thirty countries and has published six books on her work.


Background Information
  • Título: Interview with Denise Stoklos
  • Otros títulos: Denise Stoklos
  • Fecha de presentación: July 2002
  • Location: Interviewed in Lima, Peru, in July 2002, as part of the Third Annual Hemispheric Institute Seminar entitled Globalization, Migration and the Public Sphere.
  • Entrevistado/a: Eleonora Fabião
  • Entrevistador/a: Denise Stoklos
  • Duración: 00:36:52
  • Idioma: inglés, portugués
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