Interview with Dr. Gisela Cánepa Koch

Interview with Dr. Gisela Cánepa Koch conducted by Diana Taylor during the 3rd Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, celebrated in July of 2002 in Lima, Peru under the title Globalization, Migration and the Public Sphere.


Gisela Cánepa Koch is a Professor of Anthropology in the Social Studies Department at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú where she also co-chairs the Taller de Antropología Visual (Visual Anthropology Workshop). She received her Master's in Anthropology at the Pontificia Católica and her doctorate studies at the University of Chicago, Illinois. She was awarded scholarships from the Century Fellowship and Consejo Latino Americano de Ciencias Sociales-CLACSO. She is the author of Máscara, Transformación e Identidad en los Andes (Mask, Transformation and Identity in the Andes; Lima: PUC, 1998) and has edited Identidades Representadas: performance, experiencia y memoria en Los Andes (Acted Identities: performance, experience and memory in the Andes; Lima: PUC, 2001). She has also directed four documentaries for the series Videos Etnográficos del Centro de Etnomusicología Andina de la PUCP (Ethnographic Videos for the Andes Ethnomusicology Center at PUCP) and the CD-ROM Multimedia, música y ritual en Los Andes peruanos (CD-ROM Multimedia, music and ritual in the Peruvian Andes; Lima: PUCP, 2001).