Wednesday September 14th, 2011, 6pm

Worlds Collide: The Yes Lab Comes to NYU

Worlds_collide_9_14_11_poster_web_smThe Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics invites you to "Worlds Collide: The Yes Lab Comes to NYU." The event will celebrate the arrival of Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men to NYU, and inaugurate the 2011–2012 The Yes Lab at the Hemispheric Institute. We are planning a festive and performative event that will involve students and faculty from across NYU as well as the presence of activists and organizations from throughout New York City. Speakers will include The Yes Men themselves, Steven Duncombe, Andrew Boyd, Diana Taylor, Marcial Godoy and others. The Aztec goddess Coatlicue will close out the festivities in mortal combat with a Survivaball.

Free, photo ID required