Letter from Gail Tremblay

To the Administration:

When I read this letter, I couldn't believe that a University  associated with the name of Sor Jauna cancelled the Encuentro to silence Jesusa Rodriguez because she made someone uncomfortable by merely asking a question. It is the sort of question I have to ask myself regularly as a U.S. citizen whose taxes are used to kill civilians in Afghanistan and other countries over my protest. Daily I have to reconcile the fact that I work here, pay taxes and can't force my government to pay for healthcare, take care of the poor, to create policies to stop industry from burning coal and fossil fuels and contibuting to global warming which is sinking the land where people live under the sea. We all live in a world where we face a million contradictions. I don't understand why anyone would cancel a conference on performance art that allows people to engage in a lively discourse between people with very different points of view. What happens when a university doesn't support academic freedom and differences of opinion. How do we raise consciousness in our world to help people make positive change if we can't confront difficult questions and have different points of view. I can't believe that a country with as lively a cultural discourse as Mexico has a University that would cancel a conference because they were afraid of what a woman participant might ask or say. If  artists and academics can't have hard discussions about the realities of the world we live in, if we aren't allowed to struggle with conflicting ideas, how will we ever lessen the pain and violence in our world.

Gail Tremblay 

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