For the past eight years, as the artistic duo, we have created collaborative, trans-disciplinary performances, videos and installations exploring the intersection of illusion, imitation and authenticity within metaphorical, metaphysical and technological environments. Political expression rolled into subversive and amusing forms is key to our practice as we search for ways to infuse our compositions with passion and the shameless desire for the emancipation of the powerless and displaced within and among us.

As we employ the art of collage to assemble found elements (from sources as varied as the cinema, theatre, music, literature, artworks and the internet) along with our own creations (writings, texts, drawings, videos, costumes, scenographic details, music, movement) into a new and original narrative form. We freely employ technologies within the creation and presentation of our works, technologies that play a dual role of allowing us to playfully expand our palette while doing so within an “economy of means”: a succinct, environmental and sustainable approach that respects our often limited resources and d.i.y. (“do-it-yourself”) methodologies.

Our performances emerge from what has preceded them, out of necessity, and stimulated by the here and now. They are reflections of our previous creations woven into a current of sociopolitical concerns. Our most recent work, Arcade, a performative installation, accommodated a constant stream of people within a whimsical storefront environment. On the surface it was the antithesis of its dark predecessor, Phobophilia which was constructed as an intimate gathering, beginning with an interrogation; this performance, along with the thematically related installation work that preceded it, stand in stark counterpoint to the expressive excess of zona pellucida that, in its turn, took shape out of and in response to a repertoire of short cabaret works.

Our work is continuous balancing act of form and function, a search to find elegant expressions for political thought/activism, and to stimulate others to action though art.