EMERGENYC 2015: Schedule of Events

(check this page regularly!)

The Requirements:

* The program requires active participation. Please let George know in advance if you will miss a session. 
* There will be a series of additional events outside of class/workshop time that will be required. 
* Please bring a journal and a pen to every session. 
* Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. 

During the program we will read:

Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed (click here to get PDF)


The Performance Studies Studio ("The Studio," as referenced below) is located at:
Department of Performance Studies
Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
721 Broadway, 6th floor

(corner of Waverly) — Need to show ID at the door. Wheelchair accessible.

The Hemispheric Institute is located at:
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor
(at 5th Street)—  Need to show ID at the door. Wheelchair accessible.

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (for May 2nd workshop) is located at:
421 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY (between 7th and 8th streets)

La MaMa Club (for June 29 performance) is located at:
74 East 4th Street, NYC
(between Bowery and 2nd Ave) —Not wheelchair accessible (stairs up to 3rd floor).

Week by Week Schedule of Events

Phase 1: Weekly
10-2pm 4/11-5/16, Saturdays (*check for Sunday exceptions and other changes!)

Saturday, 4/11m 10am-2pm
Who We Are, Why We Are (Boal meets EMERGENYC)
10am-2pm: Workshop led by George, at PS Studio
*Hemi Staff will give a welcome at 10am

SUNDAY, 4/19* 10am-2pm Special Sunday session (changed due to scheduling)
Who Are Our Communities?
10am - 2pm: Workshop led by George, at PS Studio

Saturday, 4/25 10am-2pm
Activating Art-Making, Where Art and Communities Meet 
Workshop led by George, at PS Studio

****Saturday, 5/2 1:00-4:00PM TIME CHANGE!
Workshop led by George,** LOCATION CHANGE! at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 5th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11225 *****

Saturday, 5/9 10am-2pm
10am-2pm Workshop led by George, at PS Studio
3pm-5pm Workshop led by Jeca Rodríguez-Colón (EMERGE'13)—Part 1

Saturday, 5/16 
10am-2pm Workshop led by George, at PS Studio
• 3pm-5pm Workshop led by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (EMERGE'08)

Every day from Monday May 18th to Saturday May 23rd, 10am to 5 or 6pm (see daily schedule)

Monday, 5/18 
Introduction to Hemi with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, at PS Studio
•11:30am-1:30pm: Performance Studies discussion led by Prof. Ann Pellegrini, at PS Studio
•2:30pm-4:30pm: Part 1 of workshop on Street Performance led by Ed Woodham (Art in Odd Places), at PS Studio

Tuesday, 5/19  
On affinity groups organizing (ACT UP) with Debra Levine, at PS Studio
•2pm-6pm: Flash Collective with Avram Finkelstein, at PS Studio

Wednesday, 5/20  
 Workshop with Jeca Rodríguez-Colón—Part 2, at PS Studio
•1pm-5pm: Movement workshop with Patrícia Hoffbauer, at PS Studio
•5:30pm-on—EMERGE alumni get together at Scratcher Bar, at 5th Street and Bowery

Thursday, 5/21, 10am-5pm
Part 2 of workshop and with Ed Woodham, and street performance - meet at PS Studio

Friday, 5/22, 10am-5pm
Satire and Parody workshop with Fulana, at PS Studio

Saturday, 5/23, 10am-5pm
Experimental Theater Writing and Drag Performance workshop with Susana Cook, at PS Studio

Phase 3: Weekly, 10-2pm

Saturday, 5/30, 10am-2pm
Workshop led by George, at PS Studio 

Saturday 6/6, 10am-2pm 
Workshop led by George, at PS Studio

Saturday, 6/13, 10am-2pm 
Workshop led by George, at PS Studio

Saturday, 6/20, 10am-2pm
Workshop led by George, at PS Studio

Monday, 6/29, 7pm:

Saturday, 7/4:
JULY 4th HOLIDAY (no session) 

Saturday, 7/11:
Final debrief session with George at PS Studio