Miriam Garcia: Mapa Musical Argentino


Photo/ Foto: image provided by artist website

Mapa Musical Argentino

Musical performance runs through the different regions of Argentina through a sonorous heritage, anonymous and legendary. Ancient dances and ancestral lyrics, centennial and millennial, festive and religious, ethnic and folk; where voices are at stake, various percussion, rhythms and melodies, transmitted orally from generation to generation. Now comes a mash of humanity, retaining its connection with Mother Earth (Pachamama), with nature, with our roots, cosmogony and more remote- and their ongoing relationships with a supernatural world. A genuine show of different forms, modes of execution, character gender and vocal resources. Mixtures of different races and cultures inherent in the product of human migrations cosmic and deep.


Miriam Garcia is a singer, musician and actress. She is dedicated to the investigation of voice, percussion and the sound field of folk and ethnic groups in Argentina and Latin America, and the disclosure of anonymous song repertoires of northwest Argentina through performances, concerts and workshops. Since 1999 she has served as Profesora Titular de la Cátedra de Canto Andino con Caja, in the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) founded by her teacher Leda Valladares in 1990, who was in charge until 1998.