Fahimeh Vahdat & Brian Carlson: Handwriting on the Wall / What Will Befall Her?



Handwriting on the Wall / What Will Befall Her?

Grievously, millions of females born each year will experience physical and 
psychological violence during their lifetimes, for no other reason than their gender. This installation invites the public to write personal accounts of abuse on the wall, which will be surrounded by large-scale drawings that beckon viewers to face injustices.


Fahimeh Vahdat is a visual artist born near Teheran, Iran. She fled her country as the revolution erupted, emigrating to England and then to the US in1980. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Brian Carlson is an artist who resides in the greater Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, USA. He is currently pursuing musical projects as well as collaborating on installation and performance works with Fahimeh Vahdat.

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