Metropolitan Alliance for Art and Social Transformation: Corpolíticas Opening


Photo/ Foto: Julio Pantoja

Corpolíticas Opening

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The intention is to generate an experience that leaves a living trace of the idea of art for social transformation, based on participation, communication and interaction between participants. Words, voice and body will tune the doing-feeling and thinking about the Encuentro’s umbrella topics. These exchanges produce chains of meanings, the body exists insofar as it connects, and this implies interaction and the possibility of relating to an other. By establishing these relationships, we activate a dynamic process, stimulating a state of consciousness generated by concrete, creative, and instrumental actions. Where in politics are we making space for the newness we imagine?

José María D’Angelo: Director; Deep listening / Gabriel Espinosa, Hernán Hinz, and Germán Meira: Music; Inés Sanguinetti: Presentation / Nicolás Bratosevich: Video


Metropolitan Alliance for Art and Social Transformation is a network of social organizations that work in the city of Buenos Aires and its outlying areas, articulating practices in the fields of arts education, community work and neighborhood mobilization.  Inés Sanguinetti is a dancer and choreographer, deeply committed with work towards social equality through art. Graduated from the University of Salvador with a degree in sociology, she is the coordinator of the Latin American Network for Art and Social Change. In 1997, she cofounded and has acted as president for Crear vale la pena, an NGO that develops youth programs that combine art education and production with organizing to promote individual and social development. This program was declared "municipal and national interest" and has been studied by various organizations and educational institutions.

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