Diana Raznovich: The Ephemeral Body


The Ephemeral Body: A Luxury Death

Anorexia responds to a paradigm espoused by multinational pharmaceutical corporations, the fashion and beauty industries, and companies that make all kinds of diet products. The process of producing brand fashion begins in clandestine factories that hire women at slave wages and ends in catwalks that hire slaves who pay with their death. 
Author: Diana Raznovich / Performer: Pía Uribelarrea / Video: Lidia Milani / Wardrobe consultant: Delia Cancela / Staging consultant: Marga Borga.


Diana Raznovich is an Argentinean playwright with a long trajectory and national and international recognition. She is also a cartoonist, and haa produced numerous performances and installations with her cartoons. She has been exiled in Spain since 1975.

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