Mapa Teatro: Witness to the Ruins



Witness to the Ruins

This performance synthesizes, in a non-chronological or linear way, Mapa Teatro’s experience during the process of disappearance of the El Cartucho neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia. By documenting the disappearance of a place, and the appearance of a non-place, Mapa Teatro seeks to make visible molecular places where residues of otherness remain, traces of that which has been lost, narrations that reconfigure the neighborhood’s memory. Mapa reiterates its interest in inscribing, to the end, its experience as a witness through an artistic gesture.


Colombian artists, Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden founded Mapa Teatro in 1984. Since its inception, Mapa Teatro has built a universe within the Living Arts, a place ripe for transgressing disciplinary boundaries, fusing languages and readings, and articulating local and global concerns.

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