Tango Salon: Tango as Language and Meeting Point

Daniel Sansotta & Artemisa Pájaro

This workshop includes warming up, rhythm and equilibrium, techniques and musicality of tango, embrace and communication, dance sequences, notions of tango milonguero and new tango. Collaborators: Ianni Stefanides & Analía Badolato.


Daniel Sansotta has been a tango teacher since 1993. He participated as a teacher in the International Tango Festival and in the 2005 edition of the World Championship. Currently, he runs the Metajón Tango Academy.  

Artemisa Pájaro is an Argentine professor of Classical Dance. Instructor of Pilates and Barra a Terre. Tango teacher at La Ideal 2002-2003. Currently, she works at La Viruta and Metejón Tango Academy.

Background Information
  • Country: Argentina
  • Encuentro Location: Sala 4 (Centro Cultural Recoleta)
  • Date: June 9-11, 2007