The Masks: Scene of Memory

Elina Matoso & Dr. Mario Buchbinder

The participants will be able to use masks in working with their bodies, in scenes and games. The methodology will be based on body and mask techniques, as well as scene work and games.


Elina Matoso holds a degree in Literature, and is the Director of the Instituto de la Máscara, Dean of the Carrera Terciaria Oficial de Coordinador de Trabajo Corporal, Professor of General Movement Theory, Carrera de Artes, Faculdad de Filosofía y Letras, UBA, Argentina.

Dr. Mario Buchbinder is a psychoanalyst, psychdramatist, doctor and author, who specializes in corporal and expressive work. He is the Direction of the Instituto de la Máscara, and is a founding member of the Sociedad Argentina de Psicodrama and Professor at the U.A.I., Argentina.

Background Information