Ballad of the Unseen Sea

Ballad of the Unseen Sea

Diego García Moreno

Ballad of the Unseen Sea takes us on a journey that follows the strange and hazardous path of the water in the metropolis.  Filmed in Medellín, Colombia in 1984, this docudrama is a prophetic fable of the tragic destiny that befell this city in the years following the making of the film.  Filmed in 16mm, it was screened at festivals in Nantes, Toulouse, Berlin, Huelva, Chicago, Bogotá, Havana, and broadcast on Colombian television.


Diego García Moreno is a Colombian documentary filmmaker. He graduated from L'École Louis Loumière in Paris, France. Notable works showcased in international film festivals include: El Corazón, Las Castañuelas de Notre Dame, the trilogy Colombia horizontal, Colombia con sentido, and Colombia elemental. Diego is the director of Lamaraca Producciones, and founding member of the Asociación de Documentalistas Colombianos (ALADOS).


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