Jipi Kogui

Jipi Kogui

Sorany Marín Trejos

Hernán and Jairo, white men who were accepted by the Kogui community forty years ago, embrace and seek to restore the legacy conferred upon them by the ancestral family. El Jate Jairo, who lives in the lowlands of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, sets out to find his companion Hernán in the highlands of the Sierra Nevada, so they can keep the spirit of their community alive even as it is affected by displacement and the violence of the region.


Sorany Marín Trejos is a student with knowledge of art and new technologies, directing, production, and documentary filmmaking. She received a creative scholarship from the Minister of Culture for the development of her documentary Jipi Kogui.

Background Information
  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Running Time: 40 minutes
  • Release Date: 2009