El Fénix Producciones


photo/foto: Alma Curiel

Lost Children

Lost Children deals with the life of the street children shaped by our society. These kids are a product of urban violence, of a society that marginalizes them, rendering them worthless. Neglected, they become little monsters who express their misgivings through their only source of power: guns.

  • Artistic Director / Performer: Esteban Castellanos.
  • Technical Director: David Jiménez.
  • Executive Producer: Eradi Mejía.

El Fénix Producciones is a Mexican theater company with 5 years of national and international artistic experience. Their theater projects deal with contemporary social issues and themes, and their goal is to develop alternative systems of theater production—a traveling theater, minimalistic in terms of sets and props, but deeply invested in the power of imagination and poetry.

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