José Alejandro Restrepo


Photo/Foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio


Far from considering Purgatory as a mythical medieval figure, one could invoke Carl Schmitt, who posits that the metaphysical image of a world in a specific period has the same structure as its form of political organization. Purgatory is conceived as that space beyond death, as the place between Heaven and Hell, where the guilty can be forgiven after purging their sins. This implies the existence of a penal system and a reflection about justice that is not exempt from difficulties and deep repercussions in the context of the political violence in Colombia and Latin America. This version of Purgatory makes reference to world of offices, containment, and bureaucracy. In a confined space-time, seven souls wander, clash, beg for forgiveness.


José Alejandro Restrepo has created video-art since 1987. His field of expertise includes work in single-channel, video-performance, and video-installation. He exhibits regularly in Colombia and internationally. His work also includes research and pedagogy.

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