Afro-Rhythms in Contemporary Colombian Music


photo/foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio


Popular culture engages in a dialogue with "high culture." Colombian folkloric rhythms get mixed with contemporary musical forms, creating a hybrid that reflects a significant transformation, while recreating popular culture through the decentralization of hierarchies and grand narratives. Hence, the notion of musical roots can be approached as a contemporary issue that generates tensions within the definition of cultural identity. This workshop will be led by Sergio Arias and Gilbert Martínez from Malalma.


Malalma is a musical project that invites us to dream in a new country, to return to the Law of Origins, a festive gaze before the imminent threat of apocalypse, with sounds full of  interpretive heat and force.  It is the sound of the metropolis, the oniric and ironic Colombian flavor; poetic imagery. The genre, "electrocumbé," is an explosive and smart combination of electronic, evocative, and Afro rhythms.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Bogotá) : Auditorio Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda, Ed. Posgrados de Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Date: 22 of August, 2009
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