Abigail Levine: Slow Falls

jp_alevine_slowfalls_enc13_0006_570pxPhoto/Foto: Julio Pantoja

Slow Falls

Slow Falls is a work for three dancers who mark increasingly slow descents down a building exterior over the course of 100 minutes — the shortest “fall” lasting 5 minutes, the longest 50. To complete their falls, the dancers must make microadjustments to the stimulus of environment, creating a work that is a literal collaboration with the surfaces on which it is performed.


Abigail Levine is a New York-based dance and performance artist. She has performed most recently with Marina Abramovic at the New York MoMA, with Carolee Schneemann, and with Cuban choreographer Marianela Boán. Her own dances explore possibilities for new interactions between human bodies and urban environments.

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Abigail Levine: Slow Falls Edited by Victor Bautista
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