Regina José Galindo: Piedra

mrc_rjgalindo_piedra_enc13_0013_570pxPhoto/Foto: Marlène Ramìrez-Cancio


The history of humanity has remained inscribed on the bodies of Latin American women. On their bodies— conquered, marked, enslaved, objectified, exploited, and tortured—one can read the terrible stories of power and struggle that shape our past. Bodies are fragile only in their appearance. It is the female body that has survived conquest and slavery. Like a stone, it has stored the hatred and rancor of memory in order to transform it into energy and life.


Regina José Galindo is a performance artist who specializes in body art. Galindo has participated in exhibitions such as the 49th and 51st Venice Biennales; II Moscow Biennial; I Auckland Triennial; Venice-Istanbul; I Canary Islands Art and Architure Biennial; IV Valencia Biennial; II Albania Biennial, Tirana; II Prague Biennial; II Biennial of Lima, Peru; I Festival of Corporeal Art, Venezuela and IX Festival of Performance ExTeresa, México City.

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