Colective de Performance Heróis do Cotidiano: Releasing Concerns

at_ui_herois_soltando_enc13_0012_570pxPhoto/Foto: Alexei Taylor

Releasing Concerns

Residents of communities lacking resources, voiceless minorities, quilombos, prisons, homeless shelters, and hospitals will share their concerns with the Heroes. these are fastened immediately to helium balloons and sent into the space together.


Colective de Performance Heróis do Cotidiano, active for three years in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, researches the performative drama of the hero, from the sacrifice of the poor in contemporary times. The collective believes in the use of the city in its poetic, rather than functional sense. Dressed as superheroes, the performers of the collective, under the direction of Gilson Motta and Tania Alice, create urban interventions that combine theater, visual arts, dance, and political activism.

Background Information
Edited by Victor Bautista