Performance of the City and Its Double

Conveners: Paola Hernández & Brenda Werth

Scholars from fields as diverse as literature, sociology, geography, theater, architecture, and urban studies have long been captivated by the relationship between the lived and the imagined city. We focus on the paradigm of affect to discuss the ways in which plays and performances engage the political, aesthetic, and biographical dimensions of the city.


Paola Hernández is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her recent book, El teatro de Argentina y Chile: globalización, resistencia y desencanto, reflects her application of globalization theories, memory studies, issues of identity, and theory reception to the analysis of Argentine and Chilean drama. She is currently staging Aguila o 173 sol by Sabina Berman.

Brenda Werth is Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies at American University in Washington, D.C. Her areas of interest include performance, urban, and memory studies, documentary theatre, and film. Professor Werth teaches special topics courses on Latin American theatre and diverse aspects of the Southern Cone, including post-dictatorial literature, performance, and human rights.


Isabel Baboun Garib
Rosemary Candelario
André Carreira
Honor Ford-Smith
Cynthia Garza
Jorge Louraço Figueira
Lillian Manzor
Carla Melo
Ivan Ramos
Raphi Soifer
Narciso Telles de Silva