Festive Performances: Staging Identity, Politics and Utopia in the Americas

Convener: Zeca Ligiéro
Conceived by: Paolo Vignolo, Angela Marina Segura, and Rachel Bowditch

As utopian and dystopian sites, festivals represent powerful instruments that affirm and strengthen identities while producing new social realities. On the one hand, they are adaptive, reiterative, performative, and temporally integrated systems, and on the other, they are separated from everyday life. By tracing connections between diverse zones and sites of practice, this work group hopes to illuminate the contradictions, parallels, and emerging paradigms of festivals, and thus, to enable new collaboration possibilities within this transdisciplinary discourse.


Zeca Ligiéro is Associate Professor at the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. He coordinates since 1998 the Center for the Study of Afro-Amerindian Performances–NEPAA. He has published Corpo a corpo: estudos das performance brasileiras, 2011, Performance Afro-Ameríndia, 2007; Carmen Miranda: uma performance afro-brasileira, 2006; and Malandro divino: a vida e a lenda de Zé Pelintra, 2004, among other books.


Rigoberto Abello
Marcos Alexandre
Camila Aschner Restrepo
Rose Cano
T.L. Cowan
Anne Ebert
Luciana Hartmann
Geraldine Lamadrid
Jasmine Rault
Isel Rodríguez
Aressa Silveira Rios
Laissa M Rodriguez

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