Pedagogical Demonstration by Ana Correa Photo/Foto: HIDVL
  • Title: Demostraci√≥n pedag√≥gica de Ana Correa
  • Alternate Title: Ana Correa's pedagogical demonstration
  • Duration: 00:53:38
  • Language: Spanish
  • Location: Performed in Lima, Peru.
  • Performers: Ana Correa, lecturer/performer ; Miguel Rubio, commentator.
  • Type: theatre demonstration

Pedagogical Demonstration by Ana Correa

Synopsis: In this video, Ana Correa (one of the founding and still active members of Peruvian theater ensemble Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani) demonstrates her acting technique to a group of students, complemented with further commentary by Yuyachkani's artistic director Miguel Rubio. Correa believes that the body is an actor's instrument; in this pedagogical demonstration she focuses on her body work and her work with objects in the development of a character. Among the diverse elements of body work, Correa shows: the importance of moving the body through space in different ways and at different speeds; the importance of feeling your weight in the space; and how to make musical 'phrases' with your body, and how to play with the timing of the phrase and manipulate it. The demonstration also includes an example of how the actress incorporates Tai-chi into her character development Tai chi being an important methodology for exploring and developing bodily expressivity for Yuyachkani.The lecture also includes mask work, as Ana shows how the mask takes on its own identity, how the masked character moves, and how it responds to various objects. Correa also discusses the balance between text work and body work. One of the elements of body work she demonstrates is dance, in particular the use of tap dance to learn how to play with timing. Ms. Correa goes over the creation of one of her characters, 'Po Po' the clown. Part of her methodology for creating this character included playing with musical instruments (in the case of 'Po Po', an accordion), not only as instruments per se but also as performing objects; special attention is paid to the exploration of how to express emotions with and through them.


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