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Pedagogical Demonstration by Teresa Ralli (1993)
  • Title: Demostración pedagógica de Teresa Ralli
  • Alternate Title: Teresa Ralli's pedagogical demonstration
  • Duration: 01:12:20
  • Language: English, Spanish, Quechua
  • Date: Jul 1993
  • Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom.
  • Performers: Teresa Ralli, lecturer/performer.
  • Type: theatre demonstration

Pedagogical Demonstration by Teresa Ralli (1993)

Synopsis: In this pedagogical demonstration, Teresa Ralli, one of the original and remaining members of Peruvian theater ensemble Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, explains her acting technique to a group of British students. Ms. Ralli discusses the artistic training of her body and her voice as well as her approach to character development. Teresa demonstrates that body training stresses body memory, composition and accumulation. In terms of voicework, Ralli discusses the need to find an 'organic' voice and the importance of vocal interpretation; she also demonstrates the importance of breath in voicework. Ms.Ralli believes actors must give the voice a task, a use of the text, and should take the voice out of its 'normal space.' To demonstrate the leap from ordinary to extra-ordinary uses of voice and text, the artist imitates popular Peruvian chants such as slogans commonly used by street vendors; in this demonstration, Ralli switches languages, from English to Spanish to Quechua (an indigenous language of Peru which is rarely spoken by people from outside indigenous communities, but has been consistently incorporated in Yuyachkani's work, turning into one of the ensemble's distinguishing elements). This pedagogical demonstration also includes object manipulation work, including exercises that explore the weight, balance and center of diverse objects. In order to illustrate her research on the subject, Ralli includes a demonstration of her work with chairs, which is a fundamental part of the Yuyachkani technique in object-work.Finally, the artist shows the audience some aspects of character development, demonstrating diverse stages in the creation of one of her characters, 'El Chusco,' featured in 'Músicos Ambulantes,' a musical spectacle created by Yuyachkani in 1983 and still performed today. Weight, balance, volume, flows of energy and centers of balance, showcased in this demonstration, are central aspects in Yuyachkani's (re)search of what they term an 'actor múltiple' or 'multiple actor,' a performer who explores and embodies the interplay between technique and sensitive/bodily memory.