April 28, 2011: Exhibition: Consecuentes: Radical Performance from the Americas Curated by Lissette Olivares

Thursday, April 28, 2011, 6–8pm

Consecuentes: Radical Performance from the Americas
Curated by Lissette Olivares

small_hemi_events_mapa01_copiaconsecuente adj./s. com.
1. se aplica a la persona que mantiene una correspondencia entre sus principios y su comportam iento.
Trans. Applied to the person who maintains a correspondence between their principles and their behavior. Committed.

This exhibition aims to provide a space for artists and cultural producers invested in political performance. The curatorial frame extends beyond the immediate works included, basing the invitation to participate in this collective not on the political concept of one particular performance, but rather, on the continuous development of radical epistemologies within the agent’s extended repertoire. To be “Consecuente” (committed) is to manifest a durational dedication to critical practices that interrupt the logic of the status quo and that resist against oppressive power structures and hierarchies in contemporary society. Agents included in this exhibition delve into topics that move beyond the scope of mere formal aesthetics, working in direct opposition to the ideology of art for art’s sake. Their works question how the interfaces of race, class, gender, geography, ideology, and religion can render oppression as well as liberatory possibility. Their creative labor depends on the elaboration of mnemonic technologies that use corporeal intervention to build consciousness around historical and contemporary legacies of violence and discrimination in the Americas. All artists featured elaborate aesthetics of resistance using their own customized performance lexicon. Their interdisciplinary tactics include poetry, body modification, striptease, speculative fiction, and even dumpster diving. As a forum for creative activism Consecuentes demands the development of an expanded consciousness-it asks us to take part of the critical work they promote.

Elena Tejada-Herrera
Oscar Saavedra
Julia Antivilo
Papas Fritas
Prem Sarjo
Coco Rico
Cheto Castellano
Regina José Galindo
Soledad Sánchez
Inti Pujol
Atom Cianfarani
Carola Jerez
Marcela Saldaño
Amapola Prada
Jorge de Leon
Samuel Ibarra

  • Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics
  • 20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor
  • New York, NY 10003
  • free, photo ID required