This work consists of 3 sound-based interventions realized in public spaces of the cities of Santiago and Lota, Chile, in which I re-elaborated fragments of the aesthetic, social and political memory of my own audiovisual production. In these interventions, I harvest speech, fragments, voices that speak of a social and political reality. My intention is to account for multiple meanings—the void that is non-commercial art, the marginalization of the woman artist in the Chilean and Latin American world, the absence of subaltern voices in public spaces and the inability to hear them when they are present—in order to establish distance from hegemonic production, and in dialogue with unglamorous issues. I endeavor to persist in a stance of resistance to the impositions of the market that promote individualism and conformism.  On this path, one strategy is to work with memory and its constant recontextualization in the present.  This work deals with a memory that speaks and interrogates, proposing new associations. 

Estadio Chile was presented at the Chile Triennal 2009.

Production Credits:
Lotty Rosenfeld, Director
Roberto Larraguibel, Engineer, Producer, Sound and Visual Designer
Nury Gaviola, Producer
Víctor Larraguibel, Audio Tracks
German Ovando, Videographer
Emilio Ovando, Videographer
Andrea Nallar, Editor
Kena Lorenzini, Photographer