Artist Statement

How to describe the nature of our work when it's so circumstantial? I'll give it a try. We work with time and space considerations, we is Antonio Martorell, a multi-faceted graphic artist and performer and I, a "teatrera" or theater-person. Antonio and I have collaborated during the last twenty two years in the most diverse graphic-theatrical projects which have included the staging of regular plays at conventional theaters, the staging of non-theatrical pieces such as short stories, news releases and poems in parks, squares, streets, museums, shopping centers, schools and universities as well as the total transformation of empty spaces, like dilapidated basements, into environments where the audience can travel to experience multiple sensorial stimuli.

We have created theatricalized lectures as well as performance events to defend our political preferences and have performed them as a duo. We have also developed huge parades celebrating peace as well as commentaries upon the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of the Americas in which hundreds of participants have created the props and scenic elements as well as the different choreographies. Our work with groups is usually developed over a short but intense period of collective creation of graphic materials as well as concepts. We recycle garbage, spaces and ideas. It has been created at home in Puerto Rico as well as at such diverse places as MIT, the streets of Austin, a church in the Bronx, a school in Hollyoke, a bank in Rio Janeiro and a small town close to Havana.

I also work by myself directing plays that encourage a lot of input from performers; creating from scratch relevant pieces with students on prejudice, AIDS, harassment, domestic violence, dreams and nightmares. Again commitment to issues, time and space are the main elements in the development of these projects. An enormous dosage of serious playfulness surrounds the nature of the experiences described.

Rosa Luisa Márquez & Theater Collaborators