Interview with Mapa Teatro (2011)
  • TItle: Interview with Mapa Teatro
  • Date: 18 Oct 2011
  • Location: Recorded at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in New York City.
  • Interviewee: Rolf Abderhalden , Heidi Abderhalden
  • Interviewer: Diana Taylor
  • Duration: 00:39:44
  • Language: Spanish

Interview with Mapa Teatro (2011)

Interview with Rolf Abderhalden and Heidi Abderhalden, founders and directors of Mapa Teatro, conducted by Diana Taylor, founding director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. This interview is focused on the production, organization, theoretical conceptualization, and the experience of the project ‘Witness to the Ruins,’ created by Mapa Teatro in collaboration with former inhabitants of the neighborhood Santa Inés del Cartucho, Bogotá. The conversation discusses the notion of ‘archive’ propelled by this project, which has become a mobile memory for the city. Mapa Teatro’s work subverts and questions the inflexible coherence that an archive usually imposes to memory. During the gentrification process of Bogotá, El Cartucho’s human side was forgotten under the idea of urban progress; Mapa Teatro’s work intends to recover the memories of the citizens evicted from their neighborhood, emphasizing the role of the body as the space where remembering and forgetting become a present experience. In this way, body and presence remove themselves from the archive, and become the living voice of memory.


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