Nosotros, los comunes (1972)
  • Title: Nosotros, los comunes
  • Holdings: photo gallery
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1972
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Teatro la Candelaria
  • Credits: Collective Creation. Santiago García, director.

Nosotros, los comunes (1972)

Nosotros, los communes (We, the People) was the first of many of La Candelaria’s works to be made through collective creation.  The plot is based on the Insurrection of the Comuneros in 1781, in which 20,000 people living in what is now Colombia mobilized in a quest for social freedom and better living conditions in response to the oppressive economic and political apparatus of Spanish colonial rule.

There is no video documentation of this work.