Corre, corre Carigüeta (1987) Photo/Foto: Teatro la Candelaria
  • Title: Corre, corre Carigüeta
  • Holdings: photo gallery
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1987
  • Location: Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Credits: Teatro la Candelaria

Corre, corre Carigüeta (1987)

Corre, corre, Carigueta is part of a trilogy of works dedicated to the Spanish conquest. In Carigueta, Santiago García adapts “Tragedia del fin de Atahualpa” (Tragedy of the Death of Atahualpa), written by an anonymous author in the 16th century, that chronicles the death of Atuahualpa, indigenous Inca leader, at the hands of the Spanish colonizers.

“The second work I wrote during that time was part of a plan we had drawn up in time for the famous quincentennial of the [Spanish] conquest. We wanted to write works in order to reflect on the events that marked and complicated our cultural identity. I began with a text that had only recently been translated to Spanish from Quechua and that was supposedly written in Perú or Bolivia in 1955. It was called La tragedia del fin de Atahualpa (The Tragedy of the End of Athualpa). It was almost impossible to translate as-is to our stage. I had first thought to make an adaptation but ended up with a complete re-write—one that I could, without hesitation, baptize as Corre, corre Carigueta. Althought I preserved various parts of the text and its general structure, I changed the character of the work dramatically from mythic and ritualistic to one based on character, polemics and with a new protagonist, Carigueta, who represents the people’s perspective of the tragic events that shook the Incas but also shook our entire American world up to the present day.”

There is no video documentation of this work.

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