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Abstract: visits the No-Encuentro at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana.

Day 1: Crowds gather in anticipation of the long-awaited 8th Encuentro.

Day 2: Demand for catalogues has exceeded expectations. They have sold out within 24 hours.

Day 3: FOMMA draws unprecedented crowds. Additional performances are scheduled to accommdate the overflow.

Day 4: The Long Table erupts into a heated discussion. Tempers cool and some unlikely and very enduring allegiances are made.

Day 5: Students flood in from several campuses to see Alfredo Jaar and Andy Bichlbaum.

Day 6: Several people get lost looking for street interventions. Helpful strangers and kind taxi drivers help them find their way.

Day 7: Trasnocheo carries on until 9am. Line-ups for performances at Ex Teresa extend around the block.

Bio: is a transdisciplinary duo from Montreal composed by Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard (also notoriously known in some circles as alter egos Gigi L’Amour and Pipi Douleur). They have created a wide repertoire of epic multimedia cabaret works, performances, videos, and installations.