June 27, 2013: ERRO Grupo: Pedra


ERRO Grupo: Pedra

6/27 | Times Square, 5 pm
6/28 | Zucotti Park, 3 pm
7/1 | Times Square & Broadway, 1 pm

Pedra, created in 2001, was an artistic response to the September 11th attacks. Now, twelve years since its first performance in Florianópolis, Brazil , ERRO Grupo is taking Pedra to the place where it most makes sense: the heart of New York City.

Public performances will take place between June 27th–July 1st in multiple locations in the city. A workshop will be held for EMERGENYC students only on June  29th and 30th.

ERRO Grupo was founded in 2001 and recently completed a 2-year project sponsored by the Cultural Ministry of Brazil and PETROBRAS. The group has also participated in several theater festivals and has been awarded multiple prizes for their work.