Screening and Director's Talk | "Occupy the Imagination: Tales of Seduction and Resistance," dir. Rodrigo Dorfman

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
7–9 pm

Inspired by the uprisings of the Arab Spring, filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman embarks on an exploration of his roots in 1970s Chile, where as a child he witnessed the first peaceful socialist revolution in history. Fascinated by the transformative power of art, Dorfman uncovers the power and legacy of his father’s controversial book How to Read Donald Duck, which the military junta burned and banned for exposing Disney’s hidden capitalist messages. When Occupy Wall Street explodes in New York City, Dorfman, camera in hand, begins a new quest—for the spirit of the Chilean Revolution in the euphoria of the Occupy Movement. A story of courage, defeat, and resistance, this trans-American film examines whether revolutionary consciousness can awaken our imaginations in a world seduced, and flattened, by one ideology, capitalism.
Occupy the Imagination has screened at SANFIC Santiago International Film Festival, Havana Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Malaga International Film Festival, Cucalorus Festival de la Memoria Mexico, and NC Latin American Film Festival
View the trailer here! 
Rodrigo Dorfman is an award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer who has worked with POV, HBO, Salma Hayek's Ventanazul and the BBC among others.  His films have been screened at some of the top international film festivals in the world (Toronto, Full Frame, Edinburgh, Telluride, Human Rights Watch).  With his father he has won best screenplay award from the Writer's Guild of Great Britain for "Prisoners in Time" (1997). He is currently working on NUEVOlution! Latinos and the New South, this national touring exhibit uses his documentary work.