Critical Tactics Lab | #BlackLivesMatter | Part II: After Mizzou: The University and White Supremacy

A Facilitated Workshop
Monday, December 7, 2015
6 pm

Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain

Hosted by:
Nick Mirzoeff

This was a two-part Critical Tactics Lab series on #BlackLivesMatter. Click here for Part I: "What do we do after marching?"

For the second meeting of the Critical Tactics Lab series on #BlackLivesMatter, the public was invited to a facilitated workshop to discuss the impact and consequences of the movement ignited by students at Mizzou that has swept across universities and colleges. How can we all engage with the challenge to the role of universities in sustaining white supremacy? We do so in the spirit of activist Chris Crass, who says the “task of white [institutions] is not about how many people of color they have. It's what blow are they striking at white supremacy?" Students have raised tactical questions such as hiring more faculty of color and mandatory diversity education. What is the strategy that connects these movements and moments of rupture?

The Critical Tactics Lab (CTL) is the Hemispheric Institute’s permanent forum for discussion and research on the practices and methods of contemporary and historical political action. Drawing on the work of Yes Lab and the Creative Activism Series and the Institute’s ongoing work with political artists and activists from the Americas, the CTL’s mission is to promote and strengthen critical reflection about the tactics and strategies of political movements as well as the multiple processes and modes of analysis through which these are arrived at. Through lectures, workshops, courses, and other modes of assembly—and with an emphasis on laughter and embodied practice—the CTL seek to provide a space in which the expansive affinities of critical practice and action can be made visible and strengthened.

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