• Título: Dragon Lady vs. Pochahontas
  • Autor: Latina Theater Lab
  • Data da performance: 1997
  • Idioma: inglês
  • Tipo/Formato: manuscrito

Dragon Lady vs. Pochahontas Script

icon Dragon Lady vs. Pocahontas Script (Scene 1) (88.91 kB)

 FLAVOR (scene 1)

by Andrea Cristina Thome

EVIE: Teen Girl (Latina)
ANNA: Teen Girl (White)
MARNIE: Teen Girl
JOLYN: The Manager

The Food Court of a mall, present day, Bay Area.  Around noon.

Lights up on two teenage girls behind a food court counter for "Hamburger in a Cone."
(The name does not have to be visible yet.) The girls wear ridiculous uniforms. EVIE
leans on the counter and stares across the way, making eyes at someone she has a crush
on. She speaks into a hamburger-shaped phone. MARNIE looks at EVIE admiringly.

EVIE: -- Ay Dios mío, nena, let me tell you, he is so fine...oh please, he is so much
better than Raúl oh my GOD... for one, he has a job, okay?... Hot Dog on a Stick. He's,
like: assistant manager... No, Raul is a bum... Excuse me but how do you think he got
those Timberlands? His mommy bought them for him... Sí, right here in this mall, I saw
her buying them...

(ANNA comes on carrying a big tub of corn meal.)

ANNA: This'll work. Okay -- Marnie, wake up! -- So, remember, we've got the people
at the bottom of the social order, right, the peons? Marnie, what happened to the cones?

MARNIE: Oh, I thought you were done with them.

ANNA: No! Spread them back out on the counter. The wafer kind. (MARNIE does so)
EVIE: ... because if Raúl says one more word to me about his tired old "music career" I
am going to die. DJ Hearse and the Colma Crew -- PLEASE!

ANNA: Hurry up, cause this is getting heavy. Okay, so you've got all these peons on the
bottom, right, like us. But then there's the people at the top -- Bill Gates, Nikeman, they're
all guys --and they have like a lot more money, which means power, right? So whenever
they feel like the peons are getting uppity they just CRUSH us -- (drops the tub down on
the cones) ha! ha! take that, weak little shitheads! Die! Die! (crushes all cones)

MARNIE: Woah, Anna, that's a lot of cones ... that's going to come out of your