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  • Título: ¿¡Qué Nuevas!? – What’s New!?
  • Autor: Latina Theater Lab
  • Data da performance: 1994
  • Idioma: inglês
  • Tipo/Formato: manuscrito

¿¡Qué Nuevas!? – What’s New!? Script

icon ¿¡Que Nuevas!? – What’s New!? Script (72.48 kB)


¿¡ Que Nuevas !? – What’s New!?

Scene- The Damned Audition

JAMIE: Thank you.

MARY ANN: I saw you two at the “9/1/2 Months” audition. You were there too (to Valerie and you (to Sunny).

SUNNY: What did you read for?

MARY ANN: I read for the young, frail but beautiful Nicaraguan.

SUNNY: Did you get it?

MARY ANN: No…not ethnic enough.

MARIA E: I ask to read for the 30 something, self-assured lawyer part.

JAIME: Really?

MARIA E: They said that was not an ethnic role.

SUNNY: Figures.

MARY ANN: So what did you do?

MARIA E: So I read for the young, frail but beautifully short Nicaraguan.


MARIA E: …they said I didn’t sound ethnic enough.

JAIME: And you’re Nicaraguan. I probably didn’t get it because I couldn’t handle the Spanish (pause) I was born here.

SUNNY: I speak Spanish and I was born here.

MARY ANN: Me too.


MARY ANN: Sooooo. Are we all reading for Nurse #1?

ALL: Uh Huh.