• Título: The Immaculate Conception
  • Autor: Latina Theater Lab
  • Data da performance: 1997
  • Idioma: inglês
  • Tipo/Formato: manuscrito

The Immaculate Conception

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BEAT POET ANGEL & LA VIRGEN - I am woman of great darkness
I am woman who paint the stars
I am woman of the great oceans
I am the woman of the divine sea
I am a saint woman
I am a spirit woman
I am the dark mother
The earth...
I am Coatlique
Mother of the serpent skirt
Mother of all life
I am karmic action
And I’m coming to a neighborhood near you
I use to wear a headband of skulls...
Because it was cool...
My skirt was made of feathers or serpents
Depending on my mood or
What time of the month
I am a woman who lightnings
I am woman who thunders
I am a woman who is totally pissed off !!!
I am a woman who’s been ripped off
Who took my cool skull headband and serpent skirt?
I am the woman who wears a mantel of stars
And stands on the crescent moon perfectly balanced
The rays of the sun radiate from my body
Allowing me to cultivate the best roses any where
I am the woman who is known as Madre, Mother
Reina, Queen, Maria, Mary,.........Mary?