Radio Free Pocha: Featuring Guillermo Gómez-Peña

photo: Zach Gross

Audio Recordings produced in Greg Landau’s Patio de Ochun Studio

“In the past year, I have begun to develop a sound archive of my writings and performance work spanning 25 years. Each recorded text reveals a paradigm shift and an emotional faultline in my biographical journey to the North and in my scary journey to the heart of the US Art World. What follows is a selection of these audio texts. In the coming months, these archives will continue to grow as I record and edit more stuff with my compadre, maestro sound engineer and composer Greg Landau. I hope that this digital archive will inspire other artists and writers to engage in similar experimental archival projects.”


Gómez-Peña wishes to thank both the MAP Fund and Center for Cultural Innovation for providing us with the funds to jumpstart this project; Frances Pollitt, Joshua Javier Guzmán and the Hemispheric Institute for helping us develop this site; and Emma Tramposch for kindly administering the project.